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Industrial robotic systems Belfingroup

Belfingroup is a leading system integrator of industrial robots in Russia and the CIS.

Engineering visualization and animation of complex systems and kits

Drones by IzhMASH

For video animation. Go to the animation clip

Mobile Robotic Systems: MRK VT1. MRK VOLK. MRK BARS

The MRK VT1 is a special caterpillar complex developed by the Izhevsk radio plant Co., which has the ability to control via radio channel at a distance of up to 1 km. The complex was designed to carry out works on prevention and liquidation of the consequences of emergencies and involves equipping it with a variety of options of equipment depending on the tasks set before it.

Heating Technology and Systems by THERMO-C

The modular principle of block boilers makes it possible to build a self-contained boiler house of the required capacity with a choice of component manufacturers. Block-modular boiler house manufactured by JV "Termo-S" is one or several blocks equipped with boilers, burners, as well as all necessary auxiliary equipment, instrumentation systems, power supply and others.

Mounting welding system tables and accessories from VTM

VTM produces a wide range of welding and assembly tables of different systems, including D16 and D28, as well as a full range of accessories for table applications

all visualizations created by Stanislav Krasowski ©

Stanislav Krasowski is russian designer. 3D, motion graphics, animation, branding, logo design, presentations, sound design, music for games and advertising