Develope of company image. Complete brand package. From company logo to brand book



Style: Graphic Design, Illustration

Aim: to design a logo and stands for 75th anniversary of Main Department of Architecture of Izhevsk city

To do:
- brand «75» logo,
- А1-format stand,
- a set of posters,
- invitation cards

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Test and Measurement Equipment by AO «IRZ»

Style: Brand Design, Print Design, Product Design

Test and Measurement Equipment is a brand new line of AO «IRZ» co. There Company plan is to supply the system and the integration of test and measurement equipment for customers.

Aim: to design a new graphic style for the new product line.

To do:
- brand new logo,
- color design,
- company product catalog.

More information on the Behance portfolioProduct catalog in PDF on the issuu.comDirect Download from IRZ.RU

ProGreen brand design

Style: Brand Design, Product Design, Logo

ProGreen is professional eco cosmetics for industrial workers.

Aim: to design ProGreen brand.

To do:
- logo,
- print packs for advert,
- product concepts.

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Stand design for Udmurtia machine building clusterм

Style: Print Design, Brand Design

Aim: to design an exhibition stand.

To do:
- 8 meters exhibition panels,
- thematic socle,
- stand border,
- business card pack.

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Corporate branding for AO «IRZ» (calendars, cards, posters)

Style: Illustration, Print Design, Branding

Aim: to develope an corporate print suff for AO «IRZ» (

To do:
- 14-page A2-format modern glossy calendar,
- small quarterly table calendar,
- business cards,
- posters.

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Style: Industrial Design, Product Design, Video & Animation

The high-definition (HD) camera is intended for use as a part of video-surveillance, security and video-conference systems and other equipment.

Aim: to develope an new sub-brand line of AO «IRZ» corp.

To do:
- brand logo design,
- metal-surface print technology process,
- color line design,
- motion graphics for advert.,
- product pack design,
- booklets print design,
- presentations.

Product PageMore information on the Behance page Video #1Video #2

Corporate brand design for «Belka Adaptronika» and «Belka Ural»

Style: Branding, Graphic Design

Aim: to design full brand pack product

To do:
- unique logos,
- full documentation pack,
- brand books.

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Udmurt Republic anniversary cycle race

Style: Product Design, Print Design, Clothing design

«… Fans and athletes was cycling for 5 days successfully passed more than 300 km. There were visited the city of Sarapul, Votkinsk, in the villages and Sharkan Yakshur-Bodya.»
Aim: to develope anniversary clothes, outfits, trophy

To do:
- corporate symbol of the event,
- clothing design,
- souvenir flags,
- frisbee gift.

More information on the Behance page

Design for «ER-Telecom» corporation

Style: Advert., Branding, Print Design

ER-Telecom is a leading independent telecom services provider in Russia.

Aim: to design promotional products and sub-brands form styles

To do:
- an packs for promotional products of company lines,
- motion graphics for «Divan-TV» info channel,
- «ER-Telecom» brand products: such as calendars, blanks, business cards, posters.

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Lira RP-260 portable radio

Style: Promotion Product, Vusial FX, Print Design

IRZ Lira RP-260 is portable radio with FM and UHF base, MP3, power from battery and wallet, 1 kg. weight

Aim: to design an modern and bright promotion with some iPod advertisment reference

To do:
- «fruity» visual FX,
- promotional print design,
- web banners.

More information on the Behance page Online Store #1Online Store #2

AO «IRZ» business area

Style: Branding, Video & Animation, Industrial Design

Izhevskiy Radiozavod (IRZ) is a diversified
company focused to meet the highest
demands of the market.
Strategic goal of company is to be the best
Russian company producing electronics.

Aim: visualization and maintenance of trade areas of the enterprise

To do:
- business area logos design,
- «pop up» style stands design of business area,
- video & animation promotional products,
- company product visualization,
- a lot of packs of prints.

More information on the Behance page Motion graphics promo animationIzhevskiy radiozavod business area movieInfographics prints

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