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Product Catalogue

Welding tables System 16, System 28, accessories for VTM

Direction: Aidentica, Printing Design, Product Design, 3D Design

VTM is proud of the quality of the iron tables produced by the D16 and D28 systems. Tables are widely used for welding, assembling and assembling products. Wide choice of tooling allows fixing and working with products of any shape and size.

Task: To create a catalogue of manufactured tables and tooling. To simulate the processes and conditions of use of tables and tooling.

As a result, a new technical design was invented, all products and processes are simulated in 3D. The products are placed in logical sections, the directions corresponds to the additional graphic branding.

каталог продукции VTMкаталог продукции VTM

Product Catalogue

Body Care Professional Hair Care Products

Direction: Aidentica, Printing Design, Product Design, 3D Design

Selenzincin, Evisent, Dry&Go companies are engaged in production and supply of hair care products. The products include various shampoos, balms, sprays, lotions, pills, foams and more.

Aim: To create visualizations of care products, as well as combinations of their sets.

каталог продукции VTMкаталог продукции VTM

Product Catalogue

Measuring equipment for IRZ, a.s.

Direction: Branding, Printing Design, Product Design

Control and Measuring Technology - a new system direction of the Izhevsk Radio Plant. The enterprise plans system delivery and integration of control and measuring equipment "on a turn-key basis".

Aim: To think up and implement the concept of the direction in printed products. To create the catalogue of products and to tell about new direction.

The result is a new direction design. Process tables and diagrams are created. The products and their characteristics were arranged in logical sections.

Photo Book

Jean Michel Jarre. Live in Monaco

Direction: Graphic design, photography

Jean-Michel Jarre is a legendary French composer, multi-instrumentalist and one of the pioneers of electronic music.
The concert, held on 1 July 2011 in the port of Hercule, Monaco, attracted more than 90,000 spectators and was professionally captured by Stanislav Krasovski. A photo book of the concert was subsequently prepared.

The photo book was warmly welcomed by the fan club and was a great success as an online publication with over a thousand downloads.


Designer calendar of IRZ Co. directions

Direction: Illustration, Printing Design, Product Design

Problem: to prepare not boring corporate block of printing products for instrument-making enterprise of IRZ Co.  "Izhevskiy radiozavod" by displaying its activity directions.

It is done:
- 14-page bright glossy A2 format calendar with uv-lacquer,
- small quarter and desk calendars,
- theme card with the main theme,
- a poster.


CCTV Kontur HD BrandBook

Direction: Printing Design, Product Design

Aim: to prepare a guide for the use of the "HD Circuit" HD video camera direction developed by the author.

It's done:
- 32-page manual,
- technical visualizations,
- detailed descriptions,
- additional visual elements (ideograms, patterns, packaging).

Stands & Posters

Infographic stands for Izhevsk State Technical University (in honor of Kalashnikov)

Direction: Infographics, Polygraphic Design, Poster Design

Infographic stands of 2x1.5 meters in size were prepared for the nominal audience of Izhevsk State Technical University in honor of M.T. Kalashnikov in cooperation with IRZ Co. "Izhevsk Radio Plant".

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