Video projection and multimedia presentations! WebGL, exploded diagrams, interactive 3D models, maps…
Perfect presentation for company success

Video projections and live showcase
More information about other technology:
Interactive 3D models & content

Exploded diagrams… Boooms!

exploded diagrams design, engineering 3d, concepts, mix of 2D and 3D

exploded diagrams of lamp

Isometry, layer cuts, low-poly

Design of stylish and clear forms, volumes and objects

Poligon sheme
Low Poly
Poligon sheme

Infographics, charts, diagrams, maps & layouts

Design of
- infographical materials
- clear charts and diagrams
- maps & layouts
- stylish 3D isometry

Infographics3D isometryIRZ space poster

Making of modern video animation for product & brand advertising. 2D and 3D mix with thrill FX:

You will like it!

Design on the pulse of time

From A… to …z

From logo design to full brand. From sketch to complex 3d models

Design for peoples

Design for real peoples, not just for designers

It is really work!

Good design – your success

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