What's a Mapp Wall live showcase?

This is a projection video on the glass

The projection video system is mounted indoors to project video images onto the interior of a stained glass window, glass facade, etc. Instead of boring window and banal decor you get a unique "live" facade with specialized video content

It's a special coating and engineered distances

For projection on glass, the latter is covered with a special material. With a sufficiently complex installation procedure, this does not harm the glass or reduce light permeability. Moreover, specialized coatings are possible that darken or completely tint the glass

Why is that interesting:

You need to attract more and more customers

You are pressed by the management of outdoor advertising, the management of architecture and urban planning, "design codes" of cities that require changing the facade, the entrance group, remove the advertising installation, etc.

Tough market and competition require new advertising moves. Advertising board, inscriptions on the window, ads in the shuttle bus – all is not enough

You have glass facades, windows, stained-glass windows, open spaces... You are a car showroom, jewellery shop, boutique, private clinic, shopping center, telecommunications company - yes, you are destined to get new format

Живой проект «живой витрины»Бутик «БИРКА urbanwear», город Ижевск, ул. Кирова 119

Working and installation

Who is this technology for?

Everybody with glass facades, windows, stained-glass windows

Car dealerships

Rotating projection of 3D machine with special conditions on the 4 mm thick glass? This is reality!

Boutiques, jewelry stores

50% discount, new delivery, goods of the day, weekend action... stop standing there with a soulless dummy, it's time to move right on the glass

Banks, private clinics

Dynamics of currency rates, stop losses, new stocks and offers - all this can be projected on the glass and attract new customers

Telecommunication companies

Tear up the market and pull new customers... you're a telecom company! You just have to be on the cutting edge of technology

Unique projection technology

Specially prepared content

Volume illusions, stereo effects

Extreme audience coverage

Live showcase project.
BIRKA urbanwear boutique, Izhevsk.

The project was launched in 2016 on the basis of the clothing and accessories boutique "Birka Urbanwear", Izhevsk, 119 Kirova Street.

«When we launched this project together with MappWall, surprised visitors came to us from the very first days and looked at the shop window and the shop with interest. From the very beginning of the announcement of this technology, I showed great interest, because before that I had just glued paper letters on the window. And now I have a whole animated showcase with the right content! The guys from MapVall drew special graphics, animated logos and my products... I think it turned out very cool! And there were a lot of visitors», – Alexander Roshupkin, boutique manager «BIRKA»

Specially prepared for customer's conditions animation – seasonal discounts, new products, animated logos