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Blade Krasowski – Blade Runner Atmosphere of upcoming music album by Stanislav Krasowski

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AIR EXPRESS (music album), 2014

Some tracks of Air Express (Stanislav Krasowski) album were composed in 2009-2011 and presented to the public on MySpace, Soundcloud resources. The album was presented virtually in the Internet, and part of the tracks were also played on the famous radio station SomaFM. The whole album was presented at the end of 2014 and has been published in iTunes, Google Play, Yandex music, Spotify etc. since the beginning of 2015. All music, arrangement, compilation, design, production and many other things are produced exclusively by the author in his home studio.

Not complete introductory playlists are also presented at:

Styles and tools presented on the album

General style of the album: electronic music, easy listening, downtempo, soundtrack. All compositions have a clear visual picture, inside each track there is a theme (intro-title-decoupling).

  • 01 - Intro Into: electronics, guitar, background design, Mellotron effect
  • 02 - Autumn Dub: Dab, guitar music, acoustics
  • 03 - Air Express: electronics, synthesizer solo, arpeggiator, drum machine
  • 04 - Banana Palm: guitar ambient, experimental music, background effects, atmospheric effects
  • 05 - Silly Old Fool (Great Thinker): Sound collage, soundtrack, film effects, samples (movie "12 Chairs")
  • 06 - Snake Fakira: experimental electronics, downtempo. Strings, DJ, xylophone, guitar, thermenvox, organ, effects
  • 07 - Childhood Tape: Chillout, downtbeat, background fx
  • 08 - How Do You Hear Me, Kim: soundtrack, film music, downtempo. Effects, Movie Samples (animated film "The Mystery of the Third Planet")
  • 09 - Outro: ambient. Synths pads
  • 10 - The Last Track: soundtrack, movie music, light music, guitar, synthesizers, bass guitar, samples from a Soviet science film
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Air Express music clips

Monaco. Monte Carlo. Vintage:

Shorter version of music for Alfa Romeo based on the Monaco footages:

Music for Alfa Romeo

14-minute track in downtempo style, trance, easy listening for Alfa Romeo showroom.
The track is marked by reviews. Over 20,000 listenings and 60,000 downloads.
Example of work for exhibitions, presentations, halls background music

Also presented at:
Jamendo Music 

As part of a paid album Alfa Romeo LP Promo on the Bandcamp


The clip contains footages from Olympia film written, directed and produced by Leni Riefenstahl.
Genre: electronica, trance, euro dance, pop, experimental


Genre: electronica, rock

I will never be Sandra.mp3

Style: #vaporwave Sandra Cretu mix

Listen on the Jamendo MusicListen on the SoundCloud

We Are Music Creators

Style: Dark ambient, electronics. Groovebox, arpeggiators, synthesizer

Listen on the SoundCloud

The Chase

Style: electronics. Groovebox, arpeggiators, synthesizer

Listen on the SoundCloud

IDM for Your Eyes

Style: IDM, ambient, downtempo

Check Your Body Mind

Style: down beat, IDM


Style: New Age, electronics, soundtrack

Music for USSR

Style: down beat, soundtrack


Style: ambient, electronics

Outro (from Air Express music album)

Style: ambient, electronics

Experimental internet album «Waveforms», Hello & Good Buy singles, background music for Alfa Romeo, #vaporwave

WaveForms 2014 (experimental album)

Presented on the SoundCloud 
style: ambient, experimental electronics, IDM

atmospheric mix

Short tracks are ideal for casual computer games and screensavers (tracks by Sinusforms, Samorost 1.5, Samorost 2.5, The Smooth Theme of Night Builders of Underground)