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Two-section five-storey house

Visualization of a two-section five-storey building with 3 entrances for each section.
Materials: brick, plaster
Input group to ground level

Project visualization of a private frame house

Wooden frame
Double roof
The area of 42 sq.m.
Finely deepened ribbon foundation
Erker on the south side
Open veranda
Picturesque northern territories

LC «Solar sloboda» (pre-viz)

Microdistrict "Solnechnaya Sloboda" is a well-thought-out and functional space for living, with a total living area of 20,0000 sq.m., the basis of which are houses of variable floors (from 5 to 17 floors) in a separate area, with its own comprehensive infrastructure




«Уэст Хаус»

Визуализация оригинального частного 2х этажного дома

Concept-project of urban space "Square 2.0", Izhevsk city

An ambitious task was set to develop a new urban space and create scenarios for interaction between urban communities. 

Together with ARGO, the Izhevsk City Administration and the School of Urbanism

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AESA/APAR Antenna test site

It provides adjustment and testing of radio technical complexes and directional antenna devices with the possibility of measurements in the sector of view on azimuth +/- 90 degrees and angle of a place 0...90 degrees of the following characteristics:
- quality of reception path of antennas (G/T)
- equivalent isotropic power
- directionality pattern width
- collateral lobe level
- ellipticity ratio

The antenna range is located outside the city of Izhevsk in a distance from sources of interference

An one-storey house project

Single-storey profiled bar house with a flat pent roof with a total area of 54 sq. m.

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Stanislav Krasowski is russian designer. 3D, motion graphics, animation, branding, logo design, presentations, sound design, music for games and advertising