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Building Design
Building Design

Two-section five-storey house

Visualization of a two-section five-storey building with 3 entrances for each section.
Materials: brick, plaster
Input group to ground level

Building Design

Project visualization of a private frame house

Wooden frame
Double roof
The area of 42 sq.m.
Finely deepened ribbon foundation
Erker on the south side
Open veranda
Picturesque northern territories

LC «Solar sloboda» (pre-viz)

Microdistrict "Solnechnaya Sloboda" is a well-thought-out and functional space for living, with a total living area of 20,0000 sq.m., the basis of which are houses of variable floors (from 5 to 17 floors) in a separate area, with its own comprehensive infrastructure




«Уэст Хаус»

Визуализация оригинального частного 2х этажного дома

West House Design
West House Design
City Square
City Square
City Square

Concept-project of urban space "Square 2.0", Izhevsk city

An ambitious task was set to develop a new urban space and create scenarios for interaction between urban communities. 

Together with ARGO, the Izhevsk City Administration and the School of Urbanism

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Antenna Poligon Design
Proving ground
Proving Ground

AESA/APAR Antenna test site

It provides adjustment and testing of radio technical complexes and directional antenna devices with the possibility of measurements in the sector of view on azimuth +/- 90 degrees and angle of a place 0...90 degrees of the following characteristics:
- quality of reception path of antennas (G/T)
- equivalent isotropic power
- directionality pattern width
- collateral lobe level
- ellipticity ratio

The antenna range is located outside the city of Izhevsk in a distance from sources of interference

An one-storey house project

Single-storey profiled bar house with a flat pent roof with a total area of 54 sq. m.

Pavilion Sketch
Pavilion Sketch
German House Design
Loft Design

TINY Loft Cabin

External foreign project

The exterior features a satisfying mixture of colors and materials, including both wood and metal siding. But the interior boasts some nice surprises as well, including a beautiful loft.

The loft immediately grabs your attention when you step into the kitchen. You can tell at a glance that it is incredibly bright and roomy. Also nice is the fact that you can reach it by climbing a set of regular stone steps. The open space is effective, but also minimalist in appearance so as to leave the loft as wide open to the rest of the home as possible.

Loft Design
Mystic Forest Cabin Design (day)
Forest Cabin Design
Mystic Forest Cabin Design (night)
Forest Cabin Design
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